Reconstruction Software

Below is a list of software packages for tomographic data processing, in alphabetical order. For more information about each package, you can click on the Tomopedia link, or visit the package’s website.

Name Website Description
ASTRA Toolbox link The ASTRA Toolbox is a MATLAB and Python toolbox of high-performance GPU primitives for 2D and 3D tomography.
LTT link Not publicly released yet.
ODL link Operator Discretization Library (ODL) is a Python library that enables research in inverse problems on realistic or real data.
PyHST2 link Hybrid distributed code for high speed,tomographic reconstruction with iterative reconstruction and a priori knowledge capabilities.
PyRaft link Reconstruction algorithms for tomography in Python.
SYRMEP Tomo Project link Developed for the users of the SYRMEP beamline of the Elettra synchrotron facility to perform the digital image processing required by parallel beam propagation-based phase contrast CT experiments.
TIGRE link TIGRE is a MATLAB/CUDA toolbox for fast and accurate 3D tomographic reconstruction.
TomoPy link TomoPy is an open-source Python package for tomographic data processing and image reconstruction.
TXM Wizard link Toolbox for handling X-ray transmission image data collected using the Xradia TXM system.
UFO link UFO is a multi-threaded, GPU-enabled and distributed data processing framework.

Simulation Software

Name Website Description
Syris link Syris (synchrotron radiation imaging simulation) is a framework for simulations of X-ray absorption and phase contrast dynamic imaging experiments, like time-resolved radiography, tomography or laminography. data.
XDesign link A Python package for generating imaging phantoms, simulating X-ray experiments, and benchmarking reconstructed image quality.

Workflow Managers & User Interfaces

Name Website Description
Savu link Savu is a Python package to assist with reconstructing tomography data.
Xi-cam link Xi-cam is a graphical environment for synchrotron data analysis, management, and visualization developed by the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.