How to contribute?

There are many ways to contribute to the Tomopedia website, and we encourage everybody to do so. Most of Tomopedia’s content is written in Markdown, which makes it easy to edit content with any text processor. An overview of how the website code is structured can be found here.

Below is a list of possible ways of contributing, with some guidelines on how to proceed.

Report errors

If you see an error on this website, or want to suggest something that can be added by someone else, please open an issue on Tomopedia’s github page here.

Edit files directly on GitHub

The easiest way to make small changes and additions to Tomopedia is to edit the files directly on Tomopedia’s GitHub page. A tutorial on how to edit files on GitHub is provided here. Note that someone with administrator access to Tomopedia has to accept the changes before they will show up on the website.

Propose changes in pull request

For bigger changes, it is better to fork the Tomopedia git repository, make your changes, and create a pull request. Tomopedia runs on GitHub pages using Jekyll, and should not be difficult to edit. The main pages (those that show up in the menu) are located in main_pages/, while specific pages about algorithms or software packages are arranged by topic (e.g. TomoPy’s page is located at software/

Get direct access to git repository

If you expect to make regular additions or modifications to Tomopedia, it is easier to get direct access to Tomopedia’s git repository. To do so, please create a comment in the issue on GitHub here with a request for access.

Timing algorithms/packages

When adding new software/algorithms, we recommend providing timing information for typical 512 X 512 X 512 , 1024 X 1024 X 1024 and 2048 X 2048 X 2048 simulated transmission tomography data sets and data set tomo_00001 from the tomo databank and information on the hardware used to run the software.